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    Lightroom 5 catalogue in lightroom 4




      Here's the deal. I had been using the trial version of Lightroom 5, thinking that I would be able to upgrade after the first 30 days. I have used Lightroom for years with school, and I wanted it for myself.


      Financially, however, this was not possible. I spoke to my family, and they found a copy of Lightroom 4. I have about 2,000 pictures in Lightroom 5 right now, and I need to get them into 4.


      There is one big problem with all of this- exporting the photos to a separate location is not possible. There isn't enough space on this computer or any of my jump drives to make it happen. I can't have a duplicate of all of the pictures around on my computer, and I know how specific Lightroom can be about the original file locations. What I really need is a way to transfer the LR5 catalog into LR4.