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    How to make edits with layers on Windows 8.1?




      I own a fan page on  Instagram ( @lovethybey ). Most of the pictures I upload are edits. My type of edits are ones that have the same person in the photo, but multiple times. I started out doing those edits on my iPhone using, Photoshop mix. I would have a background layer, and a layer on top (< which I would cut outside the body to look seamless on the background photo). I saw how I could only have two layers, so I thought if I'd get Photoshop on my Laptop I could do more, and make better edits.


      Turns out, that it's way harder on the desktop. I am new to this so I'm still learning what is what.


      I am confused on....

      1. How to upload a background photo layer
      2. Add a layer on top that needs the eraser tool (which I've learned to use)
      3. Make the layer on top bigger
      4. Saving the final product, and syncing to my iPhone 4.


      Something like this that I created on the photoshop mix app >>>

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          1) Drag and drop, copy/paste, File > Place … are some options to insert one image as a Layer or Smart Object into another image.

          2) Erasing is destructive and therefore best avoided in this case. The more prudent approach would be to use Layer Masks and paint on those.

          3) Edit > Free Transform. But again destructive editing is better avoided, so working with Smart Objects would be option (with the masking being done inside the SO).

          4) Save the layered files as psd, psb or tif and save copies as jpg, png, or whatever format you need off of those.