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    InDesign elements (ie rectangles, text boxes, images, etc.) are frozen on new document - help?


      I am using Indeisgn (CC) on Macbook Pro. I have been working on files on this computer with the new Creative Cloud software for months with no issues. Yesterday, I opened a new .ind file to create a new design. It was a blank page and I added a circle using the circle tool. Then, I was unable to move it. I am able to resize and change color/stroke. When I click on it, it does select. But I cannot click on it. I did check and it is not locked on the page. I am able to move it by using the arrow keys, but this is very inefficient. I also did some research on line, and found that some people were talking about it being on a different layer - I did not find this to be the issue. I have never had this problem before. I tried quitting and uninstalling and redownloading the Indesign software and it did not fix the problem. I also tried creating a new document and opening old documents I had no problems with before, but the problem persists in all documents now, with all elements on the pages (text boxes, pictures, etc.).