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    How come the "do not dispose" option in photoshop doesn't have any effect on my stopmotion animations when I import them in After Effects?




      i'm trying to create an animation in photoshop. It's a sort of spiral shape that appears bit by bit.


      I'm drawing different frames, but each frame is build onto the previous frame. So i don't have to redraw to part that came before the new part:


      So first i drew all the different frames (yes they have transparent backgrounds). Then I selected all layers and went to window > animation.Here I made frames from all the layers and converted it to a frame animation. here I selected all frames and selected " do not dispose" because I want all the previous frames to stay visible when a new frame appears.

      Then  I did export >render video

      file options:

      image sequence: photoshop

      range: all frames

      render opt: straight

      frame rate: 20fps


      Now I get all the different layers as PSD files. After this I imported the files in after effects:


      file>import >multiple files 

      import as: footage, photoshop sequence, merged layers


      this gives me a single animated file with all the frames behind each other. But the "do not dispose" option has no effect here. I just shows all the different frames, but it disposes all previous frames. Instead of this as a final frame:


      I get this:



      Can someone help me with this? I'm kinda new to animation.