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    Time Out Needed


      Really Adobe Team? I, like many others, have used this service as the center piece of our website functions so I'm now looking at weeks of work to make everything still work for our clients who have come to love using the website...I am also looking at another person in our office who will have weeks worth of work downloading everything into other formats from the databases we have been collecting...Personally, I would be fine if you never improved the service again as long as you kept it up on your servers for us to continue using...I would also suggest finding out HOW your clients are using the service as a means of marketing what should have been an easy sell...I know I swear by it but now I guess I will just have to swear at it...I hope this decision is reconsidered or the next "retirement" will be of all my other Adobe services since I will have to deem them unreliable as well. Sick to my stomach disappointed..