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    AE Rendering Problem due to format constraints

    An AE Enthusiast Level 1

      Okay so i make my first complete video in Ae(its an introduction). I'm really happy and i am all like lalalal lets render this **** and brag to everyone i know about what a hardcore Ae user i am, when adobe Renders my video of 8 sec to about 1.2 GB and i am all like wait that's not right and i start googling and apparently many people face this problem and it can easily be solved by compressing your video further by setting your Video codec to DV NTSC, DV PAL or DV(24p Advanced). I go ahead and change the video codec and BAM "Setting Mismatch". It shows that all of these codecs run at 720x480 Max whereas my original project i was working on was set at 1920x1080. If i still continue with this and Render My audio doesn't synchronize and is a few seconds behind that where it should originally be. This is because 1920x1080 runs at 30 fps whereas 720x480 runs at 25. If someone with knowledge about this problem could help me out i would be indebted to you.


      All right guys its my first time on this forum and i might sound like a noob asking this question, but googling it did not give me any clear results.

      Thanks in Advance

      A fellow Ae User