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    FormsCentral Alternatives - Comparison Matrix :: Features and Pricing


      I've started looking at alternatives to replace FormsCentral.  The process will involve some research. 

      I'm planning to create a spreadsheet comparing features and pricing.


      Has anyone already done this?


      I expect many will benefit from this effort, so I will share a comparison analysis matrix when I have something meaningful.


      So far, alternatives include more than Adobe mentions in their knowledgebase article.

      Here's my list I have so far:



      http://www.google.com/forms/about/ Google Forms terms of service may not permit collection of PII.  Form and data may be removed without notice by a bot???



      https://www.formstack.com/pricing - Formstack has a forms importer that can ingest Adobe ForsCentral URLs. https://www.formstack.com/features/form-importer