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    FormsCentral please please please don't go!


      Please do not discontinue this service! I have worked the last 3 years building an App to collect customer data via our sales team and found FormsCentral last year. It is the most robust option out there and works fabulously on the iPads. Other "survey" apps are either unreliable or don't offer "save" and offline functionality. I love the automatic data analytics, another functionality not all apps offer nor in the way you do. (I have embedded my forms in PDF Expert Enterprise App, so that the forms are resident on iPads and cannot be emailed out for completion- but by the owner of the iPad.) It works great by saving the completed/partially completed form for future reference and extracts data for assimilation and input into our CRM.


      In fact, we were looking to expand this use with other departments where we want a form paper trail along with extracted data centralized to a spreadsheet.


      If there is a way to buy the program and run it through our own servers, we would consider this. As others have commented, I don't think there has been a solid job in marketing this tool and demonstrating how the market has put it to use. Although the Community Forum is responsive to questions, perhaps a "Genius Bar" type of service should be considered to help optimize and grow use of the Adobe tools.


      I found this tool purely on chance from a form fill search- not by any Adobe marketing or outreach education.


      Please please please reconsider or at least delay any disruption for further consideration.