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    Adobe unreliable as a company to discontinue products like forms?


      Adobe just kicks out their customers trusting a big company on the name.

      A very bad decision from the management that will most certainly have its repercussions.

      We use Muse too in combination with forms, we use Acrobat Pro also  etc.etc.

      We will reconsider every subscription if this will go in effect and we will proclaim to everyone who will hear NOT to use Adobe products because of the unreliable company-policy.


      Better solution:

      If Adobe would close it applications for new customers and stops developing, just keeps it afload as it is because of changed plans for the future, that would be a good alternative and acceptable. The software would die out in a few years.


      Just a 'drop dead' and 'screw you customer' is something banks do with customers, not a company with a great track record in products and service.


      Adobe: reconsider !!!