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    Is creation of complex vector art possible with InDesign Server?

    Printhouse Level 1



      Since Illustrator Server is, sadly, not available from Adobe, I wonder how far can InDesign Server be pushed in terms of vector art and typography? Specifically, I'd like to know if it's possible to programmatically create, say:

      • an arc or any other math based shape,
      • a repeatable pattern fill from a .ai file,
      • a custom/imported brush stroke applied to a path,
      • a clipping mask shape retrieved from dynamically created text,
      • any vector based effects, e.g. halftoning an image.


      Are there any examples of graphically rich artwork created with ID Server?


      Also, is it possible to test scripts aimed at InDesign Server with regular version of InDesign CC 2014?


      Thank you!