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    Suggested sync workflow for sound editing?

    Axel Magnus Level 1

      Some up-and-coming guys have asked me to edit their sound on a movie project. I have only done music production and a little bit of mixing before, so I'm a bit unsure how to attack the syncing aspect of it.


      They have a finished video cut, and then they have loose audio files from an external recorder which are organized and marked with scene, shot and take number. The audio files contain a clapper, but the video files they have sent me doesn't - since it's a cut. So I was thinking of asking them to do the syncing. But do you have any suggestions on how they should do that?


      I was thinking they should sum dialogue, foley and ambience on three separate tracks, and then bounce them so they line up with the start of the video file they're sending me. I'll probably also ask for separate scenes. The problem with that, is it's a bit unflexible if I want to do edits. Then I'd rather have the separate audio files anyway. But I don't think I want to bother doing manual syncing since they're making a long movie - especially since they already have a clapper in the files.


      So what's the easiest way to get this done?


      I'm not sure what editing software they use. I'm using Cockos Reaper.