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    XML Loading Status

    mrSparkleS0ap Level 1
      I am trying to figure out the best way to Monitor the status of loading of an ASP generated XML file.

      I created a class that handles the loading of the XML but because it continuously being updated I need to monitor its loading status.

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          injpix Level 3
          You mentioned that it is “continuously being updated”. Is it being updated by the ASP file therefore you need the latest version of this XML? If so you can use the xml.getBytesLoaded () to see the progress. But if you need to stream data into Flash, you may need to use something like Flash Remote or Media Server. You may also be interested in the WebService class if you are setting up a webservice.

          Does this help? I am not sure what exactly you are asking.
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            mrSparkleS0ap Level 1
            Thanks that helps a bit.

            I'm building a flash App that is polling a ASP file. Unfortunately I have to build the app on the existing ASP. The App runs in remote locations so I would like to capture stats on time it takes to load as well as failures to load.