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    Photo gallery in details view


      Hey all. I'm developing a site for a real estate agency. I have built a web app that lists and displays individual properties. I have managed to hook up Business Catalyst's Photo gallery module that displays a specific gallery (one for each property) on the details page template. I did this by creating a text sting field in the web app, into which you can input the gallery tag specific for each property. Like this: ({module_photogallery,33715, 4,,6,175,150,ThumbnailAlgorithm,fill_proportional}). This works, but the client now says they don't like the "lightbox" function of the default BC gallery module, and want it to function differently. As in having clickable thumbnails that populate a static image area. Is this possible? I understand that I could use different image galleries, if it were a gallery on a static page. My problem is that I need a gallery that can be different for each web app item and work within the details page of a web app. Any help would be appreciated.


      Here is the test link: Anne Rogers Realty Group, Inc - Committed to our clients, our neighborhood, with personalized service every time. note the way the list and details pages function.