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    Save .txt file from Flash

      I need to parse some information from input data fields to be saved to a .txt file on the users computer. The flash file will be published as an .exe flash projector.

      This will not be used for the net, but will be used on some computers at a trade show where the user fills out his/her details.

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          tonyhigham Level 1
          There are a few quick solutions to this problem.

          First, you could put your project in a .net wrapper and use the externalinterface class to pass the data to the wrapper, and save it there. Its tedious, but ultimately not THAT difficult.

          A different option would be to grab a copy of uniserver (free, small, very simple to use), start it up, and pass the info to a PHP script via sendAndLoad or remoting, and save it there.

          If you have any .NET experience, that will probably be the easiest route. If not, setting up a local PHP server with Uniserver is really very very easy (you don't even install anything, just download it and run it), and finding a php script to save a file would only take a few seconds of effort.

          If you have any questions about either of these options, let me know. :)
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            tonyhigham Level 1
            double post...