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    help me find my photos


      are my photos hiding somewhere? I lost my photo files due to a computer problem and can't find them thru any searches. BUT I can still view all my photos through photoshop so them must be somewhere - right?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The best way of finding file type is to use a search in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.  Both Microsoft and Apple like to hide thing from their users.  Make sure Finder and Explorer are configured to be able to display hidden files and folders. Search from your drive's root like C:\


          An accidental mouse click in an application like explorer and finder can move entire folders into hidden areas.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            We can't know. You have not provided any system information and well, how are we supposed to know where you saved your files? This is an obscure request, to put it mildly. At best we can guess that your pictures may be in your system's default "My Files"/ "My Documents" or similar folders inside an Adobe folder, but that is as good as it gets...



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              norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              Hold down the Cmd key then click or click and hold down the cursor here (see red arrow) then you will see (in reverse order) the route to the folder holding that image.

              In the sample below, a file called Shell is located in a folder called Group 8, within the Cooper Set folder in the Pictures folder