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    Can't drag and drop images in Lightroom 5

    MykeHPhoto Level 1

      Shortly after upgrading to Lightroom 5 I lost the ability to drag and drop images to different folders/collections within Lightroom. I click the photo but there is no response/movement and I can't drag them to the folders/collections on the left side of Lightroom.


      I've seen this issue brought up before but no solution has been offered outside of "make sure you're clicking the image and not the surrounding box." I've done that, restarted Lightroom, restarted my computer,uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom, and spent an hour on the phone with Adobe support this morning and gave them access directly to my computer and they were unable to resolve the issue.


      In the month since this happened I've been unable to sort or organize images via a mouse and have had to resort to making quick collections (using the "b" shortcut) and using the quick collections to make folders. This is a very time consuming way to organize photos and makes it very difficult to add photos or modify to already made existing folders/collections.


      I'll keep looking for a solution and contacting Adobe support but this impedes my workflow so much that I don't think I can work with Lightroom anymore.


      Thread on the same topic without a solution. Would post there but it's locked - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1001714