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    Deleting a signature field accidentally added to a form, Acrobat Pro 10.1.13


      Hi everyone,


      I have a form that I filled out here which had an old signature on it.

      I was having difficulty importing my old digital identity, and in trying to solve that problem, I added a second signature field, right over top of the existing one.

      I would like to remove this signature field, so there is only one signature field.

      This seems difficult to do.


      I am able to "Clear" the signatures, but the signature fields remain there, unfilled / unsigned.


      In the "Sign & Certify" section of the tools pane, there doesn't seem to be an option to select, delete, or modify existing signature fields.


      In the "Content" section of the tools pane, the "Select Object" button is grayed out, and not accessible.

      Also, the "Edit Object" function does not seem to let me select either of the signature fields in the document.


      In the "Signatures" pane (left side of screen), the two signature fields are listed as "SignatureField1 on page 1" and "SignatureField2 on page 1", both in the category of "Unsigned Signature Fields".

      Right clicking on the signatures does not give me an option to delete them.


      If I do "Clear Form", the signature fields are not deleted.

      If I do "Edit in Deisgner", the signature fields are not present in the base form.


      In this thread,
      How do I delete a digital signature field?

      @Steven.Madwin suggests that the correct tool to use is " Forms > Add or Edit Fields".

      This button is not present in my version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.13 on Windows 8, installed via Adobe Master Suite CS6.


      How can I remove one or both of these signature fields?
      Where did the "Add or Edit Fields" function move to?

      Why can't I see the signature fields when I open the document in LiveCycle?
      Is this a bug in Acrobat or LiveCycle?
      If so, where can I report bugs?



      Andrew P.