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    LR 5.7 - Duplicate Thumbnail Bug remaind UNFIXED


      I've been using Lightroom for about a year now, having been forced onto it form Aperture given its discontinuation.  Noting that Lightroom is at version 5.7 vs. Aperture's version 3, I honestly expected a much more refined product.  And while I'll spare myself a long post listing the flaws in its design, and other, rather illogical interface issues, one problem that has continued to plague me is the duplicate thumbnail error, which continues to be present in the latest version of Lightroom.


      I am referring to thumbnails in the bottom thumbnail strip erroneously displaying two identical thumbnails, when in fact, one of them is a different image completely.


      If anyone has any resources available on how to remedy this, or rather, how to bring this to the attention of Adobe's engineers via a channel other than this forum, I would greatly appreciate it guys.




      Michael Kormos

      Fresh & Modern Family Photography