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    Opinions on my new workstation components upgrade?

    MD Optofonik Level 1

      Two nights ago my workstation's bios wouldn't post. It appeared to be a power issue so I ordered a new and more powerful supply (lots of new peripherals since I bought the original so it made sense). I realized, however, that if it isn't the supply then I would be in for some serious troubleshooting. I decided that the time it could take to thoroughly troubleshoot a bios posting issue would be better spent on an incremental upgrade instead. I already had a crazy powerful new PSU coming in the mail so... why not?


      I use the workstation primarily as a DAW but over it's lifespan I wanted to start using it as an NLE also; I use two swap drives, one for the DAW OS and the other for the NLE OS. First, I have to state upfront that I needed a motherboard with two legacy PCI slots for two low latency sound cards that have proved reliable over the years.Those two sound cards cards, therefor, ended up having to be the basis for the build; everything had to be built around them because they are a sold, known quantity, with low latency. Anyone who has ever struggled whilst playing a piano piece or percussion, especially percussion, knows low latency is no trifling matter.


      That's out of the way, here's the upgraded components


      ASRock X79 Extreme4 motherboard

      Intel i7 4930k CPU

      16gb 2400 DDR3 RAM

      EVGA 1300w power supply


      Drives are being reused and will be upgraded later.


      I'm upgrading from a Phenom II 1055t on an MSI K9A2 Platinum. The board has been amazingly upgradable over the past 7 years and the build was originally to serve as a DAW only. As a DAW it has been great. As I have added drives and various controllers and I/O devices I have maxed out every single port and slot on the board; I have utilized it's feature set to the max. I can't imagine getting that kind of functionality out of a board ever again. MSI really hit a home-run with this board. A few year into the workstation's lifespan I purchased CS6 and realized that, although the board and CPU worked very well for photo editing, it was useless for video.