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    Most efficient way to loop though many similarlly named fields?





      I have a 5 page document with each page containing appx. 50 similarly named fields.    E.g. Viol1Num, Viol2Num, Vio3Num ...  Viol50Num.


      I am looking for an efficient way of programming a loop to look at each field in Javascript so I can do some manipulations in those fields on what the user entered.


      In FormCalc I've previously used the 'foreach' function similar to:


      foreach (Field1, Field2, Field3.....Field50) do




      however, that gets really lengthy, especially when dealing with subsequent pages where I have to start adding 'topmostSubform.Page2.' in front of each field name so that I can access from the first page all of the fields on subsequent pages.  Also, I need to do this in Javascript, not FormCalc.


      For example, in JS I am using this loop to mark all fields as read only:

      for (var nPageCount = 0; nPageCount < xfa.host.numPages; nPageCount++) {
       var oFields = xfa.layout.pageContent(nPageCount, "field");
       var nNodesLength = oFields.length;
       for (var nNodeCount = 0; nNodeCount < nNodesLength; nNodeCount++) {
       oFields.item(nNodeCount).access = "readOnly";


      How could I do something similar to that so I could look through each field and perform actions on it without having to list out every single field name?




      I tried altering that to look at fields instead of field properties, but I couldn't get it to run.