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    muxing 2 different dubbings into "same" video automatically

    Lee8x Level 1

      hi all


      Is it possible to have 2 audios from 2 same videos (from different sources) mux automatically?


      let me explain

      for example,

      I have 2 copies of the same movie, a vhs dubbed in italian, and a dvd in english.

      I wish to take the italian audio and match it with the dvd version.

      I am capable of ripping both vhs and dvd onto my pc, so that's not an issue

      I can also extract the vhs audio with virtual dub, so far so good.


      But my question is whether it is possible to have the application compare the video and matching the audio automatically

      (since the rips will never match 100% from start till finish, be it frame rate, or maybe some random cut/censor etc, these will put you out of sync easily)


      I know it can be done manually with some patience, but i wish to know if there is any software that does it automatically for you


      thanks in advance