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    Files for Tutorial


      I have downloaded the files needed for the brochure tutorial - I try to open the cover jpg and I get the following error message: Capture.PNG


      I can't open any of the files in the program.


      Please help.

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          ranielse Adobe Employee

          Hi Lori,

          Sorry for the late reply.


          Regarding the problem you reported. Are you still having it? If so, what version of InDesign are you using? These tutorials are designed to work with the latest versions of InDesign CC and we most often see this problem when customers are using CS6


          Best regards,

          Randy Nielen

          Senior Learning Content Manager

          Creative Cloud Learn | Adobe

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            Rita Amladi JapanEmployeeModerator

            Hi Lori,


            One more thing, you'll notice that the instructor is placing the images in the InDesign document, not opening them. You can watch the second video in the tutorial again to see how it's done.


            Good luck!

            Rita Amladi