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    No toolbar or menu in pdf.


      New computer with Windows 8.1 and Adobe XI.  On my old computer I was able to enlarge a portion of a pdf map and print it full size.  Now I have no toolbar or menu with which to do this.  When I right click the menu I get the options: back, reload, save as, print, view page info, rotate, inspect element.  When I move the curser to the bottom right on the page I get the options: size to full page, save to file, or print. I can also magnify a section, but I can't print what's magnified. I don't have the toolbar I was used to on the other computer.  There must be a way to print an enlarged section.  Can anyone help me?  Not sure where to post this!

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          After spending a lot of time searching online for an answer, I found a work around.  I open the pdf, save it, open adobe reader, search for the new pdf, open it, enlarge the portion I need, and print it.  It is a very cumbersome way to do what I need to do, especially when working with many documents, but at least it gets the job done.