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    mov files dropping video and audio frames CC 2014


      I have been experiencing playback issues in Premiere and just got off the phone with Adobe support. It appears that there is known issue with .mov files dropping video and audio frames that will likely be fixed in the next release. My entire project is .mov files and we need to get some serious editing done to complete a rough cut of our film. As a bandaid, we have reverted the playback renderer to software only and I am experimenting with different preview file formats to see if I will have less dropped frames. I want to avoid converting my media from mov files at all costs as this would be very time consuming with over 100 hours of footage.


      Please let me know if you have any other workarounds!




      Windows 7

      Adobe CC 2014 (up to date)

      Nvidia Quadro K2000 (driver up to date)

      16 GB RAM