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    Newbie Needs Help

    trillium68 Level 1

      I'm an Elements 13 newbie & need help. I deleted sections of a video clip & now when I play it back, the video & audio don't sync up. After I deleted certain video sections, I notice there are several different clips. Do I need to link these clips together to correct the problem, or do I need to do something else?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What is happening....are you deleting sections of the clip so that the video and its audio are cut into one segment?


          Or are you deleting just video portions of a clip that comes with video and audio as part of the file. Are you ending up with video that is

          automatically snapping to fill the gap created by your deletion of the video or other?


          If you want clips to stay together as a group, you can select all of them at one time, then right click anywhere in the selection, and select Group

          from the pop up menu. Several ways to select clips all at one time...

          a. If in a bunch, then draw a rectangle around the clips involved using the mouse cursor which selects that clips as you draw the rectangle in your

          mouse movement over the clips.

          b. If scattered, as you hold down the Ctrl key, click one at a time on the clips that you want selected all at one time

          c. If all wanted, Edit Menu/Select All


          There are some more Timeline maneuvers we could discuss, but first let us go through the above. But, important, is the video and audio of the

          import in sync before you starting deleting content from the Timeline?


          Please let me know if you are OK with the above. If questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.