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    InDesign CC on Mac: No Setting to Startup w/ Previous Files Open?


      I'll start by saying that I searched for "indesign startup open previous files -crash -crashes -crashing -hang -shutdown" and other like-terms here on the forum, on Google, and DuckDuckGo. That said, it seems Adobe has omitted the ability in its Mac version to startup with previous files open. Tell me if I'm wrong. (Please, please, tell me I'm wrong--but nicely, yeah?) ... When I work on a project with multiple files/tabs, I don't want to open the application to a blank slate and then re-open all of them, or even one.


      I've viewed older InDesign 6 threads (on multiple sites) citing the OS X General Preferences workaround. I've needless fiddled with the settings. I don't have this issue with other 3rd party apps (Microsoft Office Suite, Universal Audio Apollo Console, Native Instruments Maschine, Steinberg Cubase, Google Chrome, etc.).


      A little help?