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    How many user licenses are allowed under Creative Cloud TEAM?

    JoanFerguson Level 1

      I have at least five employees, maybe a few more, who would be using the various applications available. Much of the time they would all need to be working in the same application simultaneously. Three of them are on Macs, two are using PCs. How many subscriptions to Creative Cloud Team do I need to cover this? From the information I have sifted through, I see that one user license means that there is some way an individual user is identified and that user can install the software on two different machines. Is that correct? Then, how many actual different "users" are allowed on one subscription of the TEAM?


      I also see information regarding "seats" and "devices". I suppose "seats" is another term for individual user? And "devices" is whatever machine, be it computer, iPad, etc.


      All I want to know is the Team version going to cover my needs or do I need to go to Enterprise? Or what?