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    After Effects give "not enough vram" error with GTX690


      I have a Mac Pro with 2 GTX 690's. Both have 4 Gigs of memory. To be more precise each card has 2 processors so each processor only uses 2 GB. When I open AE I get a "not enough VRAM" error so I can't run ray-tracing. 2 GB should be plenty of VRAM, so I don't get why it would say that. When I go to GPU information in the Previews preference window, I have enable unsupported GPU checked, but "GPU" is still greyed out. In the OpenGL section, it reads that I have 2 GB of vram. What gives? How come After Effects isn't seeing the VRAM for CUDA? Very very frustrating. The cards work fine in Premiere and EVERY OTHER APPLICATION that works using CUDA. After Effects is the only one that freaks out. Need a fix for this.