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    Both LR and PS CC will not re-open after receiving the "Quit Unexpectedly" notice, and files have moved/gone a-missing since this happened!


      I have Lightroom 5 (CC) on a Mac OSX Yosemite. Today when I went to continue working on a large folder of images in LR I noticed that in the corner a few stated that LR couldn't locate the flies (I have never moved or renamed any). So I went to look for the images and they were light grey and couldn't be clicked on. I decided to just close LR and try reopening it. Now both LR and PS will not open and they just say "Lightroom/PS quit unexpectedly" but will not reopen when I click on the blue reopen tab. It also looks like about 200 images from the file I was working on have also moved out of their original location on the hard drive (again, I never moved them or made changes that would cause them to relocate). Please help, I'm over 20 hours into editing and am praying I don't have to re-do all that work!  Thanks!