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    extra spaces added (that I can't get rid of) when using STHeiti font.  Anything I can do?


      Hi there,

      When I use the font that I want to use (STHeiti), extra spaces get added automatically—spaces that, by the way, I can’t ‘delete’—after every apostrophe (or single quotation mark).  See screen grabs below:

      example 1.png

      Here's another example:

      example 2.png

      Do you know how I can make these spaces go away?  When I do a search on the internet (InDesign STHeiti), I see that others have had other types of problems with this font… having to do with exporting a finished project to pdf and getting it printed. 

      In the context of talking about it, one person says that the STHeiti font "is installed as part of the Apple operating system, and is probably only meant for onscreen display".

      But someone else adds:  "the font is installed, by default, on all macs running 10.4 and above (possibly further back than that, but lets go with what we know), so opening the file at the printers on such a mac will have the font available

      I'm on my Mac, though (not yet ready for the printer), so why do I have a problem using this font?

      I know I could use another font, but this STHeiti is a really nice one!

      Thanks for any advice,