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    I royally screwed things up...  Got a new computer and tried to update catalogs now im having problems.


      I got  a new computer and I ma trying to migrate everything over.


      My old setup I had half my photos on an internal drive and half on an external drive.


      I hooked up my external drive to the new computer and everything synced up very well.  Everything on the external drive showed up. 


      I decided to move the files from the internal drive to the external one since it worked so well just like the lady in the adobe.tv said to.


      When I tried moving the files to the external drive the computer died 10 minutes into the move.  so now i have 1/4 of the files on the external drive and 3/4 are still on the internal drive. 


      I finally got all the files to the external drive but all the folders are screwed up.   Some photos are in the wrong folders and there are two folders for some projects.  NOW i cant simply just direct lightroom to the new location because of all the folder discrepancies.


      Where do i go from here.  Do I just import the folders again?  Do I just import everything on the drive?  Do I make a new catalog?