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    Nightmare recording audio into premiere pro with Mbox 2 Mini  Mac OSX

    cornelius_3 Level 1

      I've adjusted buffer settings, power settings, and so on, not to mention watched two Premiere Pro tutorials on recording audio directly into Premiere that barely still apply, but adobe finds relevant enough to suggest.  I am using a Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini and an ElectroVoice RE20 Microphone.  If I'm lucky I get a clean track of audio for about 45 seconds before the audio begins to pop and crack.  In reading on Avid's forums this is due to a buffer issue, but I've since changed my buffer to every setting and still keep wasting time.  Does anyone have any experience recording directly into premiere pro cc 2014?, Anyone with an Mbox 2 Mini?, Do you have an audio box that seems to work perfectly with CC 2014?  If you have any insight on any of those questions, please comment below.


      I've tried everything I could find and read about online, but at this point I have to give up before I waste anymore time.  I've switched usb ports, maybe is a USB 3.0 with 2.0 device?, I switched power locations, plugs, protectors, and so on, even USB cables.... blahhh




      Premiere Pro CC 2014 8.1

      2012 Macbook Pro (Non-Retina), 16GB of Ram, dual internal SSD, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7

      OSX 10.8.5


      Mbox 2 Mini, Firmware 1.4, latest drivers.