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    Adobe WebCam "An Unspecified Error Occured While Performing a Conform Action"


      So I record gameplay commentary for Youtube and up to this point I've been using a program called "Bandicam" to record BOTH the webcam AND the computer screen.


      On my last project I attempted to record my webcam (HP Truevision HD) separately to make it easier to edit in Premiere. I used Cyberlink YouCam 5.


      When I try to import the webcam footage (about 20 mins long) it spends some time trying to conform and then gives me the error "An unspecificied error occured while performing a conform action on <file name>".


      Everything conforms fine except for the webcam footage.


      My game files look like this




      48khz audio


      My webcam files look like this




      44khz audio


      The file size on the webcam clip is 21gb.


      Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


      I spent a LOT of time making this video and I'd really love to be able to start syncing up the two clips so I can publish it.


      (PS I've already tried deleting the media cache and it didn't work)