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    2014.2 Random Crashes ntdll.dll

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      Pretty consistent crashes of the version 2014.2  Always fault module name ntdll.dll

      This is happening on our desktop and laptop, on different projects.  It happens if we use the "Mercury Playback Engine" or the "Software Engine"  Both machine are only used for video editing.  Nothing else is installed.  The crashes are completely random to what work we are doing on each machine.  Sometimes is happens during playback, sometimes scrubbing the timeline, sometimes zooming in on the timeline, sometimes opening a new window.  Totally random.  This is a pretty "crappy-way" of having to get your work done.  Talk about slow.  Every time I touch a key I'm holding my breath, and when is doesn't crash I immediately save the project file.  On top of that I have to spend valuable time searching the forums for some type of solution.  Don't get me wrong I think the forums are awesome.  10,000 times better than Adobe phone support.  The only solution I could find quickly was to convert back to a earlier version of premiere prior to the latest update.  Anyone else having similar issue?


      If I understand some of what was mentioned, the only problem with that is any work saved on the latest version will not convert back.

      Both of our machines are running windows 7 professional.  As far as we can tell all updates have been applied.  A couple of these projects where started prior to the latest adobe update and we didn't have any issue until now.

      Ok Adobe, you guys decided to go this "New" scheme of delivering your software so we could have the latest updates.  If you are going to make changes "quicker" and "more often" and allow us to "roll-back" to earlier versions of the software as temporary solutions to update problems, wouldn't it make sense to allow us to "roll-back" our projects as well?  Just at least 1 version?

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          Greetings, I have been experiencing this exact same problem. Just preformed a complete re-install of my OS making sure all Win 7 64 updates were properly installed and then re-installed all Adobe sw again too all on to brand new SSD drives. I also tried removing about 1/3 of my installed fonts too. I will mention that I am also using a Matrox MXO2 Max using their latest sw and have worked with their support team who has now suggested that Adobe is who I need to get in touch with now. I am NOT able to make myself the Ginny pig here but I do need a solution ASAP! Here are my crash results: (I am now experiencing a crash about every 15 minutes to 1 hour).
          Date: 05-04-2015 Editing for about 15 minutes continuing color grading using Matrox primary (advanced) plugin.
          here are the crash details:
          Problem signature:
          Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
          Application Name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe
          Application Version:
          Application Timestamp: 5486db4a
          Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
          Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18798
          Fault Module Timestamp: 5507b864
          Exception Code: c0000005
          Exception Offset: 000000000004f8d6
          OS Version: 6.1.7601.
          Locale ID: 1033
          Additional Information 1: e48e
          Additional Information 2: e48ecf9f2560a4e1b4f01d97ad1a464f
          Additional Information 3: a4b1
          Additional Information 4: a4b123fbc2e03edde0d0483bb2ae95b7
          Please let me know if anyone figures this out as this has now started to effect my business!

          Thanks, Rip Noel