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    Adobe Premiere Elements 11


      Hi all, this is probably a lost cause and after two hour long chats with Adobe, I give up asking the care center.


      I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 11 with Photoshop Elements 11 and got the Photoshop Elements 11 installed just fine, however, I cant get Premiere 11 installed because the first four digits of the serial number have been scrapped off (darned puppy). .I had to reload all my software do to a system restore. I bought he software some time ago and can't remember where I purchased it. Do you know if the first four digits are the same for all Premier Elements 11 serial numbers?? If so, can someone tell me what the first four are?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Did you ever get Premiere Elements 11 installed, and on what computer operating system?


          If you installed it at all, it might just have gotten registered at Adobe under "My Products".


          Please check "My Products" to possibly find your complete serial number.


          Go to the Adobe web site http://www.adobe.com, sign in with your Adobe ID and Password, type in "My Products" in the Search field there, and follow the "My Products" link to your products. In your products look for Adobe Premiere Elements 11. If you find it there, click on it. That should reveal the serial number.



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            grlzcn2 Level 1

            I already did that, it is not listed in my products, I had only ever installed photoshop element, not premiere elements.