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    eBooks in Digital Editions not appearing on Kobo eReader



      I'm using my ereader for the first time: Kobo Ereader Touch 6".


      I downloaded a book from google play.

      Opened it in Adobe Digital Editions v4.

      Downloaded the epub and pdf files.

      Plugged the ereader into the computer.

      Authorized my eReader with Adobe.


      I can see KOBOeReader under Devices in Adobe.

      I've added the upub version of the book in Adobe Digital Editions.

      I've opened the Kobo desktop application and synced the device.

      I've also tried wirelessly syncing the device.

      I still can't see the book on the ereader.


      I've tried restarting the ereader and digital editions in different orders but nothing has helped.


      Can you please help me to get this working.