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    Lightroom 5.7/CR8.7 crashes in slideshow when music/song is selected to be imported (iMac 27"mid2011, i5, 12GB, Yosemite 10.10.1)


      Hi there,


      I have an urgent problem.


      I had a wedding 2 weeks ago and today I wanted to present the slideshow ... haha ...


      I have massive problems and couldn't find any answer in the iNet so far, seems some others have the same proiblem but no solution was postetd anywhere.


      I'm trying to fill a 8:55 minute slideshow with a fitting music file as mp3, the file is not corrupt and is playing fine on all my devices.

      As far as I could find out, LR is taking mp3 files ...


      So, what am I doing wrong?


      Already tried


      • cash deleted

      • shutdown/restart

      • different music file

      • manual update Yosemite and Lightroom

      • searched the iNat for solutions


      Thank you for your help beforehand ... I got some hours left before the presentation.