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    Remote topics as popups?

      Can I display a remote topic as a popup? In a secondary window? How? I think I'm seeing some references to something like this on Rick Stone's site, but I have to work through them--not sure they're addressing my specific issue. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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          Hi pickbe,

          One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a shortcut control. That will open the remote topic in its own help viewer (that's sort of a popup/secondary window). If this is what you'd like to do paste the following in the true code, where you want a button link. Edit the names to fit your .chm name and topic and button text.

          NAME="Command" VALUE="linkname"><PARAM
          NAME="Button" VALUE="Text:Shortcut"><PARAM
          NAME="Font" VALUE="MS Sans Serif,8,0,,"><PARAM
          NAME="Item1" VALUE=",hh.exe,remotehelp.chm::/remotetopic.htm"></OBJECT>
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            Thanks, John, but what I'm after is the same behavior I got for popups in WinHelp. Most of these (there are hundreds) are popups for glossary definitions. We do not use the automated glossary feature for WinHelp, because our glossary is very large and was created before the automated glossary feature was. We simply have the definitions listed in one help file, then the popups in six other help files call the definitions from the glossary file.

            After the conversion to .chm, the former popups are calling their definitions correctly, but having them display in a new frame or putting a button next to them seems cumbersome and isn't the elegant solution I'd hoped for. Am I asking too much?
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              The Popup script fails when you try to open a topic from a remote .chm. It opens the remote topic in the main window. At least it does in my old version (v. 8) of RoboHelp. It sounds like this is what is happening with your converted project, too.

              I don't know what you can do that is not labor intensive. When you did the conversion what does the link look like in the true code? I'm thinking that it might be necessary to import the topics, but you have six files. Hopefully, someone else will have an idea.