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    Problems pasting tabled text from Pages into InDesign

    SeventyThree Level 1

      I'm sure there is a simple preference to fix this but I just can't find it.


      I'm working on a large document that involves pasting tabled information from Pages into a text box with style sheets and tabs applied. When I past the text into InDesign I get a hard return between each 'cell' (which is to say what was a cell in the Pages table). I've then been doing a simple find/replace to change the returns to tabs and then it all flows perfectly. However I've recently started collaborating with someone on this job and when he pastes the copy in it comes in with the tabs so no find/replace is required.


      We are both using CC so I assume there is a preference somewhere in InDesign (or maybe Pages?) that we can't find. Also, possibly connected to the same pref, if I paste a single cell of text I get a return before and after the copy, again this doesn't happen with my colleague.


      If anybody can shed any light on this I would be very grateful.