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    Pantone Colours displaying differently


      I am working on a document in InDesign CS5.5, where the Pantone colour used is 7461C (our corporate colour). I have a vector EPS image of some circles that was created before I started, which was a slightly incorrect shade of blue - when it was printed professionally you could see a difference. I've changed the blue of the circles using Illustrator CS6, so that it is also 7461C.


      I've just added the circles into the InDesign file and put them next to a box that is 7461C and noticed a slight shade variation (please se image below). I took a screen shot, pasted this into Photoshop CS5.1 to check the colours and the circles are displaying as 7461C, but the actual blue bar is displaying as 2925C, even though both have been set up as the Pantone 7461C, rather than CMYK values or something else.


      Is anyone able to help please?