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    Training Events - Register without Approval

      We're in the process of upgrading to Connect Professional. Something that was easy to do in Breeze now seems difficult, if not impossible. We have Adobe Connect Professional with the Events Management module, hosted on our server. Please help!

      We have a number of short webinars on our website that we would like users to be able to view on their own, without any interaction from an administrator. Users should be able to click on the link, go to the Connect registration form, register and fill out a form, and the presentation should start immediately.

      What's happening so far is that users can register, but then they get a message indicating "Your registration has been accepted and the administrator will be notified." Then nothing happens. I've turned off approval required after registration, but the training still doesn't occur on-demand. And the administrator (me) doesn't get any notification. What's up?

      I will be forever indebted to whoever can help me on this, and will return the favor when I can!