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    Updated to 2014.1.1 now animation won't preview




      I just updated to Edge 2014.1.1 and while it seems to have fixed some bugs I was experiencing (previously Edge was having trouble saving), it's now having trouble previewing my animation. It's a large and complicated file, but whereas before it played fine, now when I click "Preview In Browser" it loads up a choppy, slow-moving, more-or-less-static image. I've tried previewing it in both Chrome and Safari and it works in neither. I would like to keep using this updated version of Edge (it had been really frustrating to save before) but I need to be able to preview my animation as I work on.


      Thanks for any help.



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure about Safari, but for Chrome it is possible that it would work on a server and not locally because of restrictions in Chrome.

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            Medley Level 1

            Thanks very much for the response. However, it was working in Chrome just fine before I made the update to 2014.1.1, so I don't know what sort of restrictions would have come into effect all of a sudden. It was also previously working fine on Safari.


            I've read some older threads about animations maxing out browsers and devices (here and here). My project is large, but again it was previewing without any problems on 2014.0.1, so I'm hoping that's not the issue.

            It's really important that I be able to preview my project while working on it, so if there was a way to do that and use 2014.1.1 that would be ideal.