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    Frustrating setMask overlapping problem that I can't seem to fix...

      And so far as I can tell really has no reason or rhyme. I've set up many masks using this exact same process before, and I can not figure out what's causing the issue.

      Working in Flash 8 Professional.

      I've got a movie clip with a graphic in it, and another movie clip with a series of animated graphic symbols in it- I'm using setMask to create the mask with these two pieces. Where the animated graphics overlap each other, the mask is being cancelled out. Normally I have no problem doing this with multiple pieces, and the mask stays one solid piece (I have created masks identical to this many times).

      To make things odder, the first two or three pieces in don't show cancellation where they overlap- it's only the pieces that come in later on that do it.

      I've checked that none of the symbols have highlighted pieces, as suggested in another thread in this forum.

      The only thing I can think of is that these vector shapes in the graphics were created in Illustrator, not in Flash. Is this a possibility?

      You can see the Flash movie at the link below - the problem is with the second "Cloud" mask. It's a large file because this is meant as a screensaver, not for web.

      SWF Here.

      Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.