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    Script "FindChangeByList" - "appliedParagraphStyle" for Object




      I'm working on a data visualisation project. The idea is to translate words from a book into colors depending several variables. We have a online version that works on d3.jsj - But we would like to make a nice poster. Since we working with 20.000 words, inDesign seemed to be the more appropriate.


      1step - Thanks to the "SplitText" script, I divided each word into object.

      2step - With "findChangeByList" and "appliedParagraphStyle" I find how to change the font, font size etc of a specific word.


      But I would like to change the background of the object, to have an effect similar to the website. I naively tried to replace "appliedParagraphStyle" by "appliedObjectStyle" with a Object style that have a colored background, but obviously, it doesn't work.


      text{findWhat:"hello"}{appliedParagraphStyle:"test"}{includeFootnotes:true, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false}Find all double returns and replace with single returns.


      Does anybody have an idea ?