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    Architect can't figure out how to set up CSH


      INFO: RH10 to HTML5 output.


      I'm not sure what the actual issue is, but he's trying to figure out the parameters he needs to set up in the system in order to call the appropriate topic for the appropriate app page/screen.


      I've explained the alias and header files, but somehow he's not able to follow the info from the Willam van Weelden site to make that work.


      here are the test urls showing what he's set up, but they aren't working - they are still calling the default topic... not the topic that is mapped via RH to the url.  He's tried using both the value number and the topic ID - neither is working:


      file:///D:/Source/Solutions/Dev/Version8/DotNet/cj-Build/bin/Debug/run/webhelp/desktop/ind ex.htm?rhcsh=1&rhnewwnd=0&rhmapno=3

      file:///D:/Source/Solutions/Dev/Version8/DotNet/cj-Build/bin/Debug/run/webhelp/desktop/ind ex.htm?rhcsh=1&rhnewwnd=0&rhmapid=Solutions_UI_ClientChart_General_ClientDetailsNew



      Here is the info I provided to him from William's site: Context Sensitivity in Multiscreen/Responsive HTML5 | WvanWeelden.eu

      So, I'm not sure what's going wrong... in the past, a Developer has set up a script in the app,  I have set up the map IDs, published my project, etc... I've never really had to worry about the developer doing anything for me other than just setting up the initial scrip.  I think that's what our architect is trying to do, but he's not sure how to do that.

      It looks to me like there's info missing from his tests strings above... but what the heck do I know... can someone take a look at this and give it your best shot as to what he's missing?