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    Book PDF Export - Bleed disappears;  Individual Files are fine

    Figures In Motion

      I am having a problem with the bleed after exporting my book. I have an InDesign book comprising of 8 files. After preflight, when I select "Export Book to PDF", the document bleed settings are not followed. The bleed is being cut off at the crop marks.


      The "Export Adobe PDF" settings are as follows:


      Printer's Marks selected:

      Crop Marks                         Type: Default

      Registration Marks               Weight 0.25 pt

      Color Bars                              Offset 0.125


      Bleed and Sug:

      Use Document Bleed Settings (which are all 0.125)


      After I export this (AS A BOOK) the bleeds do not show up. Everything is cut off at the crop marks. But if I export the individual files that make up the book, it shows up just as expected, which the same Export Adobe PDF Settings.


      Thanks so much for your help. I am at a loss for what to do.