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    Multi-Cam sequence ONLY PLAYS AUDIO FROM LEFT CHANNEL, Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


      Hi All,


      I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have several hours of short (1-3 min) clips from a 3 day event that I'm trying to organize and prep for editing.  I wasn't on the shoot, but the cameras recorded the external mic (main audio) to one channel, and the internal mic (reference audio) to another channel; however it varies on which channel they recored main vs reference.  For the clips where someone is talking directly to the camera and I know I won't need the reference audio, I've gone in and done "modify audio" and mixed the "stereo" down to "mono", and then selected the channel with the "main audio" to be source channel.   That works great- now when the person talks it comes in evenly through both left and right speakers instead of being lopsided.


      However, when I then try to take 2 of those clips that have been mixed down to "mono" and create a new multi-cam sequence, the new sequence consistently plays audio only from the left channel.  I have tried numerous configurations whence making the multi-cam sequence (automatic, mono, stereo, adaptive). Nothing works- it ONLY plays from the left side.  I have also tried modifying the audio channels after I make the new sequence, and put "Channel 1" in both the left and right tracks.  Nothing, it still only plays from the left side.


      Any idea in how to get my mono source channel to play evenly in both left and right channels instead of only being in the left?  By the way, if I try to Pan to the right in the effects window, it just gets quieter, not balanced.


      Thanks for the help!