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    Folder Not Shown But Photos Are In Lightroom


      I work on a Mac.  I keep newer images on my hard-drive, and older images on a network drive.


      I decided to move all of my 2014 folders and files from my hard drive to my network drive.  The wrinkle was: the directory on my network drive is the exact same as my hard drive, and the network drive also serves as my backup location. This means the files and folders on my hard drive already existed on my network drive.  I simply needed Lightroom to find them there.    Because they are already on the network drive I cannot simply drag/drop the folder within LR, or LR will give me an error (folder already exists).


      So, I backed everything up.  Made certain that all the photos were imported into LR from the hard-drive folder (called 2014), then, I renamed the folder on my hard-drive to "2014_Local".  Voila!  Lightroom can't find it.  So, I right click on the folder from within LR and tell LR where to find it... on the network drive.


      Uh oh.  Lightroom created a new "Volume"  (My network drive is "home", LR created "home-1".)  I think I've managed to get past that by having LR "merge" the folders.  Now the photos are all in LR, but the direcory (2014) does NOT appear in the left-hand panel where my files and folders are listed.  I can see the photos.  I can right-click and ask LR to "Show In Finder" and the source is right.  I can search and find files in LR and they do in fact point to the 2014 folder on the network drive, but the folder and subdirectories for the 2014 version on the network drive just do not appear in LR.  My file list is: 2012...2013... AnAlphaDirectory...   Where is the 2014 folder inside the LR directory structure?


      What in the world?


      Can anyone help solve this mystery?