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    Anyone familiar with Duik know how to adjust what body parts appear relative to others?




      I rigged a character using Duik controls (imported a figure I drew up on Ps as a single layer), and right now I'm trying to animate his arms to move around.  When I move his left arm toward the body, it automatically hides behind his torso, but I want it to be visible, say, if I'm trying to get the character to rub his belly or something.  I tried to change the Z position of the left hand controller (and the left hand bone) and this did not work.  Since the original figure was imported as a single layer, it is not possible to simply adjust the layer order of his body parts to change which limbs/body parts appear "on top" of others.


      On the same token, when I move his right arm toward his body, it will appear in front, but not behind his torso.


      I'm hoping there's a simpler solution than masking the limbs up into different layers and re-rigging the body, re-positioning the layers as needed...


      Hope that makes sense...


      Thanks for the help!