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    Making a swf unload itself

      Ill try to explain as clearly as I can but forgive me if I'm not too clear.

      I am loading a swf into a movie clip which resides on my main time line. I am using a MovieClipLoader object along with loadClip that loads the swf when a button is clicked. It works great with no problems.

      truckMC.onRelease = function():Void {
      MyMovieClipLoader.loadClip("external.swf", "myMovieClipHolder");

      My issue: there is a button inside my external.swf and when clicked I would like for it to make itself(the external.swf) unload itself... I don't want to make it's alpha 0 or visibility false. I want the swf to actually "unload" itself and go away. I know the button inside the external.swf works as I have used a trace statement to confirm it. I just don't seem to know the exact term to use to get the entire swf to vanish.

      (button inside the external.swf)
      closeExternalSWF.onRelease = function():Void {
      trace("its been pressed");

      Inside the button's onRelease function I have tried unload, Ive also tried unloadClip but non of those worked for me.
      Can someone give me some direction as to what I should use for this?

      Thanks in advance.